Wednesday, December 14, 2005

X-Game Challenge

The games were futsal (the pronunciation is futsoll), paintball and go-kart. My name was registered in futsal and paintball. Rumet in futsal??? Yeah, they just put in my name just to fill in the blank spaces in the registration form.

I was the organizer for futsal and I can tell you this.. women players suck! We called them up 5 minutes before their game to make sure they are ready when the time comes but being the creature from mars (or is it venus?), they only start to find their team members when the court is empty, and when the organizer start shouting calling their names. There's this one time when this so-called "star player" came in cat walking while we struggled to look for her. Damn you! I was very happy 3 minutes after that because she passed out and could not continue to play. Thank God! Her team even got last place in the league at the end of the tournament. So much of having a "star player" in the team huh? Haha..

Next game.. paintball. Well I think I deserved to play this game with all the supporting military backgrounds written in my resume and all. Did I tell you guys that I was the squadron leader for the mock war in Sg. Tua in 1996. We were in Form 4, and during the mid year camp I led my squad to climb up a steep hill to practice our war formation. After the "war" everybody were damn angry and told me, " Why didn't you just ask us to go down the hill??? It would be much easier stupid!!".

Well this time, my team has Raja Azlan as our team leader. So I imagined the war as in the movie where the warriors fought for their King and country. "Its an honour to serve you, My Lord". Hehe. This time the King ordered me to climb the steep hill. Haha,"What goes around, comes around" huh? After a few games of futsal, my thighs were already shouting,"Stupid fooool!!!, You're not fit to play x-games!!!". And this paintball game really tested my agility. In the end, I'm proud enough to be able to claim that I collected a flag in 3 games out of 4. In the last game my body just told me,"If you keep on fighting, we'll just give up on you". Well I wouldn't want the futsal "star player" to laugh at me when I collapse right?

By the time go-kart starts, I just lost interest in the whole event. It was just too long and wifey already went back home. Pity her and baby, I made them wait for me so that they can witness how macho I am holding a paint marker. That night, my thighs hurt like hell. I cant bend my knees, cant keep my legs straight. Can imagine how painful it was? I couldn't sleep!! Haha.. who am I kidding!

On Monday, I can say half of the total staffs called in MC. The colleague sitting in front of me even got a jab right on the ass for being too sick! Haha..

On Tuesday, the Building Management decided to have a fire drill! Imagine that we have to climb down 31 floors to get to the assembly area with legs that can barely stand up straight?????

Luckily I was outstation in Kuantan that day! Haha


shikeenn said...

hehe...i'm so sick..the ass fine actually.
BTW women from Venus la man.. Tu la org suruh baca fotopages tanak huhu...

anyway quality is better than quantity~~

ragsy937 said...

gile best weyhh.. bila telekom nak buat pulak.. demn aa GITN tak ajak parent company.. ahhhaha

Tapi tu la met.. ko dah transform jadik bapak org siyut.. dah tak fit dah... GEMOKKK

m|ss v|xen said...

atleast ure in better position than ayil.. nak buat pape bende pun kene pk how to do it instead of just touch n go hahahahahha.. not complaining but klakar aaa hhihhi.. sorry yang *wink wink*

weh jom actorlympics!

ephol said...

ek eleh rumet.... aku kutip flag dalam sumer game arrr.... siap 2nd game amik 2 flag lagik... belum campur tembak jatuh botol dalam tiap game.... kiranya aku lebih berbangga arrr sebab dalam keadaan injured (last game futsal), bak kata king 'kecederaan serius' aku still leh buat better dari ko... hahahaha leh jadi askar aku nih....

Anonymous said...

yada...yadaa..bla..bla..bla..organizer gak yang letih!!hehe

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