Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Value of A Certificate

Last 2 years I took an exam for a professional certificate course named Cisco Certified Network Associate and scored the paper with flying colours of bennetton. Since my company is using Cisco products almost throughout their network, I thought people who owns the certificate owns great powers. And as Spiderman's uncle said,"Great Powers Comes With Great Responsibilities" I thought I would be a very busy guy after submitting the photostat copy of the cert to our HR department. Well I was hoping that the "great responsibilities" will in turn give me a "greater paycheck".

Stupid me, I was working for the wrong company. The company which do not know the value of the people who have the certs. The only value that they saw was to attach the copy of the certs into Attachment D or E in tender documents for them to submit to the customers. Its like claiming to the customers,"We have 10 CCNAs in the company and a few CCNPs and they are now sitting at the office surfing the internet". Stupid fools!

Last week after two years obtaining the cert, the company organized lunch to "appreciate" these peoples with great powers in the company. So today I'm a proud owner of a 128MB thumb drive which the customers, bosses and their ass kissers got it for free. Now Im soooo motivated to upgrade myself to become a CCNP. Haha!

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robotix said...

I applied for CCNA training every year for the past 2 years and never get it.. Oh wait, aren't we in the same company? Then no use for the CCNA now. hahah.

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