Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Review of The Northam

As we reach the hotel, one guy with full white bush jacket approached the car to get our bags. The bellboy was a nice thin guy wearing spectacles. I pressume he is shortsighted. He escorted wifey to check in as I went to park the car.

When I arrive at the lobby, wifey was already settled down at the lounge waiting for our welcome drinks. Unlike some other hotels which serve "fruit punch" to welcome their guests, The Northam put up sparkling grape juice served in chilled glass to say "Hi" to their guests. Wifey was so hooked up to the drink that she asked the reception what was the brand of the sparkling juice that they served. Unfortunately we cant get Euromax Sparkling Juice at Carrefour.

After the drinks, we head up to suite 2507. Number 7 has been so attached to our honeymoons. At The Komandoo, Maldives we got room Manta 7. I can't remember the room number at Bali but since you guys have no idea what was the number, I'll say it was room 207.

As we enter the room, on the left there's a small table with mirror for us to put our keys, wallet, wrist watch and etc. The mirror is for us to look at ourself on our way out. The Northam wouldn't want their guests to look ugly coming out from their hotel, would they? On the right as we enter is the guest's guest toilet. No, it wasn't a typo. The toilet is for the guest of the guest to use. Not for me and wifey to use. But for our guest. Get it?

Next, living room. The living room was equiped with a sofa, television set with astro channels, hot water kettle with complimentary coffee and tea, minibar and working desk with fax machine and broadband internet port. Fax machine?!! What for? Well, The Northam is actually a business suite. So fax machine is essential for businessmen. As simple as that.

Businesswomen cant operate this machine. Too many buttons. Haha!

The bedroom is so adoreable. Reason number 1 : They have another tv set with astro channels in it. Reason number 2: The bed is big. Bigger than a queen size bed. Reason why is its actually two single beds combined together for lovers like me and wifey. Usually combined beds are uncomfortable due to the gap in the middle but this is a suite my friend; that problem has been taken care of without wifey even thought of complaining.

If all these have not entice you yet to go and call this hotel and book a suite for your next holiday, let me tell you that this hotel is earth friendly. Instead of providing soaps full of sulfate, river polluting foaming agent and etc, they gave us vegetable soap. How more organic can you be? Using this soap is like scrubbing your body with carrots + cucumber + bean sprouts.

Did I tell you that you can view the bedroom through the bathroom? And the other way round!!!! So I can watch tv while scratching my butt and have a peek at my naked wifey taking a bath in the bathroom. Can a man's life be more luxurious than this?? Haha..

A room without a jacuzzi would not comply my definition of a suite. Not to forget double wash basins (His and Hers). Let me tell you that a jacuzzi is essential for honeymooners. Eventhough Im unlikely to make love with my pregnant wife in it, the mood set by the sound of dripping water and bubbly foam is very sensuous. It really rejuvenates your tired bodies.

To conclude my review, I would like to touch a bit on the breakfast. Superb variety of buffet lines for their breakfast but wifey and I think that paying RM23 for an extra breakfast is not worth it. After all with a room this great, its hard to wake up before 10.30am (breakfast ends this time).

The spa is wonderful. I took the Oriental Massage which incorporates Thai Massage + Shiatsu + Swedish. The masseuse is well trained and really really strong. I really recommend this massage. For 50 minutes treatment, I think its a RM90 well spent.

Room service was good. The price shown in the menu is nett price ladies. No ++ incurred. The cooking was so-so but what do you expect from room service foods??!!!


Room: 17.5 / 10
Service: 9 / 10
Parking: 5 / 10 (There's no elevator from the carpark to the lobby)
Food: 8 /10
Spa: 10 / 10

Final conclusion: Read the comment by wifey ok?!


nurulqz said...

This hotel spoilt us didnt it honey? How to go back to normal one roomed, cramped bathroom, one lousy unclear tv otel room nih?

Cant believe RM 180 can still buy you something luxurious huh?

BTW, if ure pregnant.. this might not be the place for you if youre looking for a relaxing spa massage. Y? Just becoz they're not trained to handle pregnant women!!!!!

Other than that.. its just an affordable little heaven in Penang :)

robotix said...

cam best gak tempat nih. mintak pamplet weh..

mas said...

ermm..cam nak pegi je..christmas holiday is just around the corner..hehehhe

Mueya said...

Fuhh..feels like rancangan jalan-jalan cari makan..cuma in this case it is jalan-jalan cari hotel...Baguslah korang nie..Very detail.But QZ,aku rasa aku still tak reti how to appreciate hotel rooms like u guys.Aku nak bungee jumping..sempat lagi tak..:p

m|ss v|xen said...

jom laa next year jalan jalan cari hotel (sorry mueya pakai ayat ko jap).
this year cuti dah abis. so lets plan for next year.. sempat lagi kan sblum ko bersalin?
last kopek to enjoy the bed just the 2 of u ehhehehe

Nurulqz said...

haha.. if theres nothing baking in ur oven.. boleh aje..

hey.. i appreciate luxury things as well as bungee jumping laa... Im not that dainty-dainty kind of gal.. luper dah ker?

Anyway.. the truth is.. rumet yg x fancy bungee jumping..sbb die gayat... huhuhu

rumet said...

haha.. pasnie kiterang bule bagi "plaque" laa kat hotel-hotel yang kiterang pegi..

btw jalan2 cari hotel next year kene hujung tahun aaa.. kasik can aa baby aku belajar jalan dulu... 6 bulan dah bule jalan kan? hehe

bungee jumping???? jangan harap!!!! u jump, i look only!!

Juliana said...

mcm best gile jek northam ni.. unless rumet overstate it.. ada ke sabun made of bean sprouts.. gile tipu..

btw, aku tahu kalau qz enjoy it very much, i might say that i would enjoy it more! hoho.. (dgn niat tinggal Aisya kat nanny dia.. hehe)

ragsy937 said...

Bapak ah.. ape kelas weyh.. aku nak honeymoon kat atas gunung.. dalam khemah.. lepas hiking mahsyuk beb! ohoho.. pas tu terjun sekali.. u jump i jump k!

ragsy937 said...

Tukar mode:

Astaghfirullah.. dunia semua ni.. baik la kita sederhana hidup duduk seri malaysia jek.. yang lebih tu buleh buat derma anak yatim ke... ibu tunggal ke.. isyk isykk... >:)

rumet said...

Seri Malaysia u jump alone laaa!! Tader sape nak jump ngan ko tapai. Btul tak catwoman? Keh keh keh

nurulqz said...

tuhlaa.. okay kot honeymoon atas bukit tuh for u tapai..

kat malaysia nih gay marriage is not acceptable.

Tapi for us who favors normal marriage , boleh njoy THE NORTHAM!!!!

tuhlaa.. most probably kene tunggu akhir tahun kot for second season JJCH. Ongkos nya sengkek dong!

Julie : Pergi je lah.. u deserve a break momre than I did.. hahahaha

Farul said...

tapai: If you went camping and woke up the next morning with a condom stuck up your ass would you tell anybody?
anonymous: i dont think so
tapai: Wanna go camping?

ragsy937 said...

shilake farul... ok fine aa... jom.. semanggol!

m|ss v|xen said...

jalan2 cari makan kat hotel mekah and madinah would be greatttt! count me in! weh kwn aku kate gurney hotel is better than the northam.. altho from the same company tp the gurney nih kat pool dier bersambung ngan laut terus.. maybe we shud all try sane plak eeheheh

nurulqz said...

i scout for the gurney jugak.. but my sister had a horrible spa experience there.. so thats y aku rule the gurney out..

But since I didnt even get my share of spa being pregnant and all.. count the gurney in again!

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