Saturday, December 10, 2005

Modernmum and Baby Fair

With about 3 months to go, wifey need to get some need new outfits to replace the tight shirt and pants. Apparently these maternity apparel shops are charging a normal pair of pants RM160 which we can buy at "normal" shops for less than RM100. Why? They claim that their pants are strecthable, easy to the tummy, adjustable bla bla bla. So how am I supposed to afford to buy those "costumes" without burning a hole to my pocket? Christmas Mega Sale!!! But wait, wifey found something better - Modernmum and Baby Fair! So we thought.

That Friday I kept myself free from 5.30pm onwards. No extended meetings, no team discussions, no ping-pong, no FIFA... all my time, love and care dedicated to wifey and baby. 5.30pm we took off to Midvalley Megamall. Head to the 3rd floor at the MVEC and to my surprise there are two "chicks" at the entrance giving out brochures. What the hell? Is this a baby fair or a credit card promotion or handphones promotion or health club promotion???

It was a disappoinment that these slimming centers and beauty centers are taking advantage of this "Modernmum" fair to promote their packages. Hardly any clothes for the mother. There are some booths promoting breast pumps, nipples etc but we are not looking for those yet.

With not much options left, we went to the real "Modernmom" to check out their Christmas Sale. Nothing caught wifey's heart there so we checked out the other maternity outlet - Mother's Club. Here the choices of long sleeve shirts are more compared with the previous outlet. So wifey spent 2 hours trying out I dunno how many shirts and pants there.

After swiping my precious gold card, I went to collect our car at Cars. We sent it for polish + wax which I tricked wifey to pay for it. Hehe. No lah... there's offer for her credit card. As for mine, for spending more than RM200 at Mid Valley using Master Card, I'm entitled for a Christmas Gift lucky draw. They really do spend a lot for this celebtration you know. They set up MV with all these white stages with christmas tree covered with white stuff to simulate real snow and all. So for those of you who haven't been to places that snow, go to MV and snap a few pictures and you know wht to do after that >:).

As for my lucky draw, I got 4 pieces of coasters! So this Christmas my dining table wont be wet with dripping water from my glass.


m|ss v|xen said...

this was one way that i did unconsciously - pakai baju yg bukan pregnant,ie- baju adik2 aku yang besar.. and later mendapat simpati from ur mother which later she delightfully purchased for me.. dapat 3 pasang plak tuh.. hoyeeee!
but baju maternity mmg mahal!

myjulieyana said...

aku penah shop kat modernmum, beli 2 pieces blouse + 1 pant.. total almost 400!! gile mahal weh..

weyh rumet.. dah banyak ke earning adsense? aku dpt rm0.03 hehe..

rumet said...

hehehe... bulan ni $5.39 total setakat ni... slow laa.. kene cari pengunjung blog lagi ramai kalu nak dapat income ni..

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