Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How's your day today

Since I was small, my parents put aside some cash and save it in one of government’s unit trust account under my name. The money is saved for my future. I still remember my mother’s exact words,”Duit tu simpan untuk Abang pergi study kat overseas”. Then I asked her,”What if I get a scholarship for my studies?”. Mummy answered,”Enjoy laa duit tu”. Those words did motivate me to study very hard and obtain a scholarship so that I can enjoy the goldmine my parents built for me.

As soon as I entered university, my parents stopped pouring money into that study foundation of mine. Fair enough since I got a scholarship from a “merintis kemungkinan” company and they have 2 more children to go through with. Up to date the fund size is big enough to settle all my debts. Clear all my credit cards etc. But I don’t just spend the money as I like even though I have a license to just do it. I save the money for rainy days in my life.

25 years after the fund was created, it has been a monsoon season in my life. It seems that the only sunny days in my life is the day that I got my paycheck. The day after that, rain start pouring everyday without fail. So why don’t I just use up the fund to clear the clouds in my life? Somehow the effort that my parents put to build that fund has injected the sense of guilt in me. Being the eldest in the family, I was there when my dad was earning less than what I earn when I first started working and that time he can still support a family of four. I was there when my dad took up a bank loan from KUBB just to buy a personal computer for us where nowadays people change their computer like changing their car’s engine oil.

So when the rain was fighting cats and cows, it leaves me with no choice but to grab my shovel and dig something out of the gold mine. My heart shatters into pieces every time I sign the red form and place my left thumb onto the black ink to withdraw money from that account. Wifey knows about this too well when I buy RM2.50 double cheeseburger for lunch instead of a Big Mac, ask her to make her own tiramisu instead of buying it and etc. But I still keep count on how much I’ve withdrawn from that account because I promised myself that one day I’ll restore the gold mine back to its original condition.

Once a year (which is now), that particular account will freeze all the transactions in and out for them to distribute the bonus and dividend. The freezing period would last for about 2-3 weeks. This year they declared the bonus + dividend of 9 percent. A bit lower than last year but no point of complaining since the value has been decreasing for the past few years.

To shorten this entry, I took a brave decision two days ago to purchase e-gold using what is left in my daily savings account. During my errands to the banks, I was consoling myself that everything is going to be fine. I paid all the bills, buy stuffs that I should buy this month and serviced my car. After I settled all my banking, I went to the workshop just to find out why the air-cond is not working as usual. Thought it was something minor such as “gas habis”, but the foreman gave me a Christmas surprise by saying, ”Compressor rosak!”.

That time I just can quote Homer Simpson, “Dohhppp!”


m|ss v|xen said...

it always end up that way kan.. one minute u have stock up ur golds in your account.. another minute... pooohhh off you goo
demmmm.. shudda have for more duit hantaran so that ill always have spare for the shopping season..
and to add to it.. the list of things to buy kept on piling up.. double demmm demm

Farul said...

be careful of ponzis anyway

myjulieyana said...

haha.. chot & I never had goldmine, just a small "lombong timah" instead.. u r still lucky laa rumet..

by the way, we spent 1000 last month & 700 this month just for the car.. luckily we have only 1 car..

when can i shop till i drop??? i think i drop before i shop.. hahaha

nurulqz said...

haha.. julie.. thats funny.. true, ill think most of us would drop b4 we get to shop till we drop.

and esah... btull..... should also asked more for my hantaran!!!! Just noticed ive been sold off cheap!!

hehe.. at the end of the day, Im just grateful I still have my health, a husband who would go broke for me and the upcoming baby who might just gonna caused us a bigger shovel!!

myjulieyana said...

qz.. lucky enough u r not carrying a twin! twin might cost more at one shot..

we mummies & mummy-to-be should feel lucky enough to have caring husbands & granted with child to cheer up our life! i have frens that have been married for couple of years but still have none..

rumet said...

Life is the biggest ponzi. We need new children to keep it going.

Mueya said...

QZ,kesiannya..Sedihnya part Rumet kena makan double cheeseburger tu instead of big mac tu. Serious sedih. Next time aku belanja ko and Rumet makan big mac ye.Babai.

m|ss v|xen said...

heheheheh.. rumet pasnih sure lagi byk posting blog yg sedey2 coz mueya is here to the rescue!! ahahhahaha
btw.. ponzi tuh mende?

rumet said...

skang ni mueya bule la belanja aku... we'll see few months down the road siapa pulak buat blog sedey2 camnie!

m|ss v|xen said...

qz! just to inform u..adiana is getting married today :D

ayil cheese said...

sedey my arse!
aku dah stahun lebey mkn double cheese tak bising ponnn!!

u sakkkkkkkkk

ephol said...

rumet ada citer yg lagi sedey.... dia kalah ngan aku main FIFA 7-0....

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