Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How's your day today

Since I was small, my parents put aside some cash and save it in one of government’s unit trust account under my name. The money is saved for my future. I still remember my mother’s exact words,”Duit tu simpan untuk Abang pergi study kat overseas”. Then I asked her,”What if I get a scholarship for my studies?”. Mummy answered,”Enjoy laa duit tu”. Those words did motivate me to study very hard and obtain a scholarship so that I can enjoy the goldmine my parents built for me.

As soon as I entered university, my parents stopped pouring money into that study foundation of mine. Fair enough since I got a scholarship from a “merintis kemungkinan” company and they have 2 more children to go through with. Up to date the fund size is big enough to settle all my debts. Clear all my credit cards etc. But I don’t just spend the money as I like even though I have a license to just do it. I save the money for rainy days in my life.

25 years after the fund was created, it has been a monsoon season in my life. It seems that the only sunny days in my life is the day that I got my paycheck. The day after that, rain start pouring everyday without fail. So why don’t I just use up the fund to clear the clouds in my life? Somehow the effort that my parents put to build that fund has injected the sense of guilt in me. Being the eldest in the family, I was there when my dad was earning less than what I earn when I first started working and that time he can still support a family of four. I was there when my dad took up a bank loan from KUBB just to buy a personal computer for us where nowadays people change their computer like changing their car’s engine oil.

So when the rain was fighting cats and cows, it leaves me with no choice but to grab my shovel and dig something out of the gold mine. My heart shatters into pieces every time I sign the red form and place my left thumb onto the black ink to withdraw money from that account. Wifey knows about this too well when I buy RM2.50 double cheeseburger for lunch instead of a Big Mac, ask her to make her own tiramisu instead of buying it and etc. But I still keep count on how much I’ve withdrawn from that account because I promised myself that one day I’ll restore the gold mine back to its original condition.

Once a year (which is now), that particular account will freeze all the transactions in and out for them to distribute the bonus and dividend. The freezing period would last for about 2-3 weeks. This year they declared the bonus + dividend of 9 percent. A bit lower than last year but no point of complaining since the value has been decreasing for the past few years.

To shorten this entry, I took a brave decision two days ago to purchase e-gold using what is left in my daily savings account. During my errands to the banks, I was consoling myself that everything is going to be fine. I paid all the bills, buy stuffs that I should buy this month and serviced my car. After I settled all my banking, I went to the workshop just to find out why the air-cond is not working as usual. Thought it was something minor such as “gas habis”, but the foreman gave me a Christmas surprise by saying, ”Compressor rosak!”.

That time I just can quote Homer Simpson, “Dohhppp!”

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Value of A Certificate

Last 2 years I took an exam for a professional certificate course named Cisco Certified Network Associate and scored the paper with flying colours of bennetton. Since my company is using Cisco products almost throughout their network, I thought people who owns the certificate owns great powers. And as Spiderman's uncle said,"Great Powers Comes With Great Responsibilities" I thought I would be a very busy guy after submitting the photostat copy of the cert to our HR department. Well I was hoping that the "great responsibilities" will in turn give me a "greater paycheck".

Stupid me, I was working for the wrong company. The company which do not know the value of the people who have the certs. The only value that they saw was to attach the copy of the certs into Attachment D or E in tender documents for them to submit to the customers. Its like claiming to the customers,"We have 10 CCNAs in the company and a few CCNPs and they are now sitting at the office surfing the internet". Stupid fools!

Last week after two years obtaining the cert, the company organized lunch to "appreciate" these peoples with great powers in the company. So today I'm a proud owner of a 128MB thumb drive which the customers, bosses and their ass kissers got it for free. Now Im soooo motivated to upgrade myself to become a CCNP. Haha!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

X-Game Challenge

The games were futsal (the pronunciation is futsoll), paintball and go-kart. My name was registered in futsal and paintball. Rumet in futsal??? Yeah, they just put in my name just to fill in the blank spaces in the registration form.

I was the organizer for futsal and I can tell you this.. women players suck! We called them up 5 minutes before their game to make sure they are ready when the time comes but being the creature from mars (or is it venus?), they only start to find their team members when the court is empty, and when the organizer start shouting calling their names. There's this one time when this so-called "star player" came in cat walking while we struggled to look for her. Damn you! I was very happy 3 minutes after that because she passed out and could not continue to play. Thank God! Her team even got last place in the league at the end of the tournament. So much of having a "star player" in the team huh? Haha..

Next game.. paintball. Well I think I deserved to play this game with all the supporting military backgrounds written in my resume and all. Did I tell you guys that I was the squadron leader for the mock war in Sg. Tua in 1996. We were in Form 4, and during the mid year camp I led my squad to climb up a steep hill to practice our war formation. After the "war" everybody were damn angry and told me, " Why didn't you just ask us to go down the hill??? It would be much easier stupid!!".

Well this time, my team has Raja Azlan as our team leader. So I imagined the war as in the movie where the warriors fought for their King and country. "Its an honour to serve you, My Lord". Hehe. This time the King ordered me to climb the steep hill. Haha,"What goes around, comes around" huh? After a few games of futsal, my thighs were already shouting,"Stupid fooool!!!, You're not fit to play x-games!!!". And this paintball game really tested my agility. In the end, I'm proud enough to be able to claim that I collected a flag in 3 games out of 4. In the last game my body just told me,"If you keep on fighting, we'll just give up on you". Well I wouldn't want the futsal "star player" to laugh at me when I collapse right?

By the time go-kart starts, I just lost interest in the whole event. It was just too long and wifey already went back home. Pity her and baby, I made them wait for me so that they can witness how macho I am holding a paint marker. That night, my thighs hurt like hell. I cant bend my knees, cant keep my legs straight. Can imagine how painful it was? I couldn't sleep!! Haha.. who am I kidding!

On Monday, I can say half of the total staffs called in MC. The colleague sitting in front of me even got a jab right on the ass for being too sick! Haha..

On Tuesday, the Building Management decided to have a fire drill! Imagine that we have to climb down 31 floors to get to the assembly area with legs that can barely stand up straight?????

Luckily I was outstation in Kuantan that day! Haha

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Modernmum and Baby Fair

With about 3 months to go, wifey need to get some need new outfits to replace the tight shirt and pants. Apparently these maternity apparel shops are charging a normal pair of pants RM160 which we can buy at "normal" shops for less than RM100. Why? They claim that their pants are strecthable, easy to the tummy, adjustable bla bla bla. So how am I supposed to afford to buy those "costumes" without burning a hole to my pocket? Christmas Mega Sale!!! But wait, wifey found something better - Modernmum and Baby Fair! So we thought.

That Friday I kept myself free from 5.30pm onwards. No extended meetings, no team discussions, no ping-pong, no FIFA... all my time, love and care dedicated to wifey and baby. 5.30pm we took off to Midvalley Megamall. Head to the 3rd floor at the MVEC and to my surprise there are two "chicks" at the entrance giving out brochures. What the hell? Is this a baby fair or a credit card promotion or handphones promotion or health club promotion???

It was a disappoinment that these slimming centers and beauty centers are taking advantage of this "Modernmum" fair to promote their packages. Hardly any clothes for the mother. There are some booths promoting breast pumps, nipples etc but we are not looking for those yet.

With not much options left, we went to the real "Modernmom" to check out their Christmas Sale. Nothing caught wifey's heart there so we checked out the other maternity outlet - Mother's Club. Here the choices of long sleeve shirts are more compared with the previous outlet. So wifey spent 2 hours trying out I dunno how many shirts and pants there.

After swiping my precious gold card, I went to collect our car at Cars. We sent it for polish + wax which I tricked wifey to pay for it. Hehe. No lah... there's offer for her credit card. As for mine, for spending more than RM200 at Mid Valley using Master Card, I'm entitled for a Christmas Gift lucky draw. They really do spend a lot for this celebtration you know. They set up MV with all these white stages with christmas tree covered with white stuff to simulate real snow and all. So for those of you who haven't been to places that snow, go to MV and snap a few pictures and you know wht to do after that >:).

As for my lucky draw, I got 4 pieces of coasters! So this Christmas my dining table wont be wet with dripping water from my glass.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Review of The Northam

As we reach the hotel, one guy with full white bush jacket approached the car to get our bags. The bellboy was a nice thin guy wearing spectacles. I pressume he is shortsighted. He escorted wifey to check in as I went to park the car.

When I arrive at the lobby, wifey was already settled down at the lounge waiting for our welcome drinks. Unlike some other hotels which serve "fruit punch" to welcome their guests, The Northam put up sparkling grape juice served in chilled glass to say "Hi" to their guests. Wifey was so hooked up to the drink that she asked the reception what was the brand of the sparkling juice that they served. Unfortunately we cant get Euromax Sparkling Juice at Carrefour.

After the drinks, we head up to suite 2507. Number 7 has been so attached to our honeymoons. At The Komandoo, Maldives we got room Manta 7. I can't remember the room number at Bali but since you guys have no idea what was the number, I'll say it was room 207.

As we enter the room, on the left there's a small table with mirror for us to put our keys, wallet, wrist watch and etc. The mirror is for us to look at ourself on our way out. The Northam wouldn't want their guests to look ugly coming out from their hotel, would they? On the right as we enter is the guest's guest toilet. No, it wasn't a typo. The toilet is for the guest of the guest to use. Not for me and wifey to use. But for our guest. Get it?

Next, living room. The living room was equiped with a sofa, television set with astro channels, hot water kettle with complimentary coffee and tea, minibar and working desk with fax machine and broadband internet port. Fax machine?!! What for? Well, The Northam is actually a business suite. So fax machine is essential for businessmen. As simple as that.

Businesswomen cant operate this machine. Too many buttons. Haha!

The bedroom is so adoreable. Reason number 1 : They have another tv set with astro channels in it. Reason number 2: The bed is big. Bigger than a queen size bed. Reason why is its actually two single beds combined together for lovers like me and wifey. Usually combined beds are uncomfortable due to the gap in the middle but this is a suite my friend; that problem has been taken care of without wifey even thought of complaining.

If all these have not entice you yet to go and call this hotel and book a suite for your next holiday, let me tell you that this hotel is earth friendly. Instead of providing soaps full of sulfate, river polluting foaming agent and etc, they gave us vegetable soap. How more organic can you be? Using this soap is like scrubbing your body with carrots + cucumber + bean sprouts.

Did I tell you that you can view the bedroom through the bathroom? And the other way round!!!! So I can watch tv while scratching my butt and have a peek at my naked wifey taking a bath in the bathroom. Can a man's life be more luxurious than this?? Haha..

A room without a jacuzzi would not comply my definition of a suite. Not to forget double wash basins (His and Hers). Let me tell you that a jacuzzi is essential for honeymooners. Eventhough Im unlikely to make love with my pregnant wife in it, the mood set by the sound of dripping water and bubbly foam is very sensuous. It really rejuvenates your tired bodies.

To conclude my review, I would like to touch a bit on the breakfast. Superb variety of buffet lines for their breakfast but wifey and I think that paying RM23 for an extra breakfast is not worth it. After all with a room this great, its hard to wake up before 10.30am (breakfast ends this time).

The spa is wonderful. I took the Oriental Massage which incorporates Thai Massage + Shiatsu + Swedish. The masseuse is well trained and really really strong. I really recommend this massage. For 50 minutes treatment, I think its a RM90 well spent.

Room service was good. The price shown in the menu is nett price ladies. No ++ incurred. The cooking was so-so but what do you expect from room service foods??!!!


Room: 17.5 / 10
Service: 9 / 10
Parking: 5 / 10 (There's no elevator from the carpark to the lobby)
Food: 8 /10
Spa: 10 / 10

Final conclusion: Read the comment by wifey ok?!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy 1st Anniversary To Me!

It has been a year since I said, "Aku terima nikah Nurulhuda binti Qamaruz Zaman dengan mas kahwinnya 80 ringgit tunaiii". A year has passed but I bet most of you still remember how fast and furious the line went. Haha. But that couldn't beat Ceng's lucky number 5 right guys?

So how was it like to sleep together every night? To see each others' faces 24 hours day and night everyday. I do mean 24 hours since we work at the same place and my desk is next to hers. My answer is: It was great!! I wouldn't want to miss it at all. It never occur to my mind that I want to find a new job so that I can be away from my love for a few hours a day. And now wifey is carrying my child with her, it felt so good to be next to her every single minute.

Am I a good husband for the past one year? Well to compare me with a wife beater, lelaki panas baran and all, I can be considered as a great husband. Financial wise, I couldn't provide her with luxury lifestyle but we never starve or beg for food. We never had to skip meals. Religion wise, Im a bit on the below par level. I didnt have much knowledge to guide her to become better Muslim. But I didnt encourage her to take booze, take off her veil and eat pig though. Am I a good lover? Well wifey didnt ask for a dildo as her anniversary present. So I think Im good. Haha..

So to celebrate this moment, wifey check out The Northam in Penang. Isn't that cute? The wife belanja for the anniversary trip. It has been a while since we go for a holiday. This is due to money constraint.. duhh! But we think that one year being with each other as husband and wife qualifies us to spend a bit lahh..

Next Entry: Review of The Northam.

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