Sunday, November 13, 2005

You Are Not A Small Boy Anymore

My family had a Raya open house today at Kelana Jaya. Last year we didn't have it due to the busy-ness of the preparation of my wedding. So this year Mummy and Daddy decided to call up our relatives and close friends for brunch. Zarina invited her friends, Rizals' friends came and me... I didnt get to invite any of my friends. I didnt ask them whether I can invite or not, but usually it was offered to me. Last two years I even get the privillege to have my own open house where I invited all my friends and officemates.

Its not that I terase ke merajuk ke... pelik je la skit. After giving it a few thoughts, I figure out that Im old enough to hold my own open house. Im not living with my parents anymore, hence the topic. Whether should I have a open house this year, the answer is obviously NO! The place that Im staying now cant accomodate more than 10 people in one sitting. Well the truth is I cant even pay for proper meal nowadays. Sengkek gileeeee beb! Bagi alasan rumah tak muat orang nak masuk konon... hehehe.

Well sorry guys, no luck this year. No the usual satay, durian, nasi bukhara and etc. One day I'll make a point to invite all of you to my place for makan-makan. Hopefully before the wifey deliveres laaa... Anyway if you wanna come to the house for raya, please do give us a call. Wifey would be glad to cook for you. For the moment, the choices are mee hailam or spegetthi alfredo le blue. Other than that have to ask her lah whether resepi ada dalam kitab ke tak! :) Posted by Picasa


Juliana said...

btw, the spaghetti alfredo qz cooked that night was awsome!! it was a good try to have ur own 'makan-makan' at ur own house.. i used to have the same thot as urs when Chot & I got married 2 yrs ago.. to have a proper meal for the guests really needs a good money.. hehe..

NurulQZ said...

aww.. Julie.. thanks.. *blush*. Mmg having guests invloves money... but try to see it as a way to be more blessed and dimurahkan reeki kiter pulak :)

Farul said...

> You Are Not A Small Boy Anymore!

something that you hope your wifey would say to your boy down there?

Juliana said...

yupp qz.. i always think that way too.. btw, nanti dah abes kemas rumah, julie invite qz dtg rumah plak.. =)

rumet said...

its okay farul.. wifey can always turn the small boy to be bigger

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