Saturday, November 26, 2005

You All Sucks!

I have mixed feelings when I was writing this entry. This entry is supposed to correspond to the previous entry regarding the pot luck dinner. The mixed feelings is because I skipped blogging for a day and by today some other things have happened and contradicts my feelings regarding the pot luck.

Come to think of it, I don't wanna blog about this topic lah. The main point is, you guys sucks. Whoever affiliated with the guy that we were dicussing about in the previous entries sucks! You guys and your filthy secrets... damned you guys! I was a fool pretending everything was a hush-hush thingy while actually everybody knows about everything except me! F**k you all!!!!!!

Wifey and I are celebrating our 1st year wedding anniversary tomorrow (27-11-2005). It has been a year huh? We'll be heading to Penang to celebrate this joyous moment. I had my hair done and all set for a lot of sex I tell you! So you suckers can keep your fucking secrets and rot in KL!

See you guys Thursday and dont forget to do the boxes!

1 comment:

Farul said...

no, no, no... you got it all wrong. "You all suck", no extra 's' there.

..and stop whining!

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