Thursday, November 24, 2005

Last Minute Attempt

In two days time, the four of us will gather around the snooker table for one special ritual. The occasion seldom comes by. Its an occasion where we would console our last single and available buddy. He's so desperately trying to be straight no matter how many times we tried to sway him that he is not. So during this occasion, we will give him a break from all those crap and try to give him all the support he need.

How supportive we are? During the game, we'll try our best to let him win. You know how hard is it to let a loser to win a game? Damn hard I tell you. Furthermore the loser is in his off form! He might not be able to differentiate the colours of the balls he's hitting.

Why does this buddy need consoling in the first place? Well one of the reason is peer preasure. As I told you before, he's our last single and available buddy. So this ritual is done everytime he felt heartbroken. Usually he's heartbroken everytime things do not work out with girls. When did he get involve with girls? When one of us got married. He'll hook up with some girl, usually the best friend to our wives. So during the ritual, we would play the game with the honour to the girl. We would say the name of the girl out loud and hope the ball would hit the hole!

This time around, he felt for my wife's best friend. It has been about two weeks already and in two days time he'll be heartbroken again. How can I be so sure? Well, I have an invitation card as my supporting document for that statement. Usually people would give up at situations like this but my friend here still has the effort to organize a pot luck dinner tonight at his place. For sure that girl is invited. I salute him for that, well actually its more than saluting. I do hope that he succeed in his attempt this time. I'll be very happy for him if he succeed. Eventhough I'll miss the snooker games and chances to call him gay..

Good Luck You GAY!!!


m|ss v|xen said...

kasiklaaa chance dier dpt cerita CINTA AGUNG dier! hehehehhe and if he succeed or not .. dier mmg hebat... lagi hebat ko, farul n ayil ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

To the heartbroken guy,
Allah answers prayers in 3 ways;
1)He says yes and gives u what u want
2)He says no and gives u something better
3)He says wait..and gives u the best in His own time.
Lelaki yang baik dapat yang baik, be a lelaki yang baik forever and ever till the end of time...;-)

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