Monday, November 21, 2005

Azril in the Matrix

In the movie Matrix, Mr. Anderson is a computer programmer which is considered as nerd in the real world. However in the Matrix he is the powerful One with the name Neo that can fight with hundred of thousands Agents and he can even fly. As for Azril, he is loser in the real world and even a sorer loser in the Matrix where he is refered as Rumet. He is so loser so that people dont bother to differentiate between Azril and Rumet that everybody call him Rumet in both worlds.

Today Rumet discovered that he is taken more seriously in the Matrix compared to the Rumet in the real world. He realises that people tend to give more attentions and feedbacks to him there. More comments on his fotopage and blog, he even get remarks on what he wrote in his blog/fotopage in the real world. People wont talk to Azril if there's no update on his blog or fotopage. There's one time where people even banked in money into Rumet's account after reading his pathetic entry in his blog. That did tarnish his ego as a man but come to think of it, how much of a man is left with him anymore? He's practically begging for money in the cyberspace that people somehow fall for it and give him some.

Back to the man thing, once he post an entry about his small dick. Everybody remembers it till today. Maybe for some people, the size of that thingy is the measure of manliness. Surprisingly they really take that entry seriously. If in the real world Rumet were to say something like that, people will laugh and take it as a joke. In this cyberworld, whatever Rumet writes it means business. He once told the cyberworld that he has no work to do at the office except surfing the net. Well today Rumet has a bit of work to do but still people thinks he is surfing like nobody business.

Now lets get to a higher level of blogging. Expression of feelings. In his blog and fotopage, Rumet is a person who adores his wifey. There's no single entry where he missed to mention about his wifey. How cute she is, how he loves spending time with her, how much he loves her and et cetera. In the real world, Rumet is still the same person who loves his wifey, who cares for the baby the wifey is carrying and still thinks that wifey is cute. Now do people take that statement seriously or not, Rumet is still wondering. Someone did say, "Some things are better left unsaid". Should Rumet stop expressing his feelings in the cyberworld where he is taken seriously? Should Rumet blog fictionally where every entry is a fake made up stories? He's so fucked up right now!


Farul said...

fucked up right in the ass, that is. that's what you got when you go out with tapai

robotix said...

totally agree on the loser part

mr ayilchan said...

matrix in the arse

ragsy937 said...

what de hell? Kick ass Your Arse! Snuker jom weh.. ahad ni.. set awal2

rumet said...

kalu nak set awal2.. kene set hari sabtu wey.. ahad dah 2nd phase! haha

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