Saturday, November 26, 2005

You All Sucks!

I have mixed feelings when I was writing this entry. This entry is supposed to correspond to the previous entry regarding the pot luck dinner. The mixed feelings is because I skipped blogging for a day and by today some other things have happened and contradicts my feelings regarding the pot luck.

Come to think of it, I don't wanna blog about this topic lah. The main point is, you guys sucks. Whoever affiliated with the guy that we were dicussing about in the previous entries sucks! You guys and your filthy secrets... damned you guys! I was a fool pretending everything was a hush-hush thingy while actually everybody knows about everything except me! F**k you all!!!!!!

Wifey and I are celebrating our 1st year wedding anniversary tomorrow (27-11-2005). It has been a year huh? We'll be heading to Penang to celebrate this joyous moment. I had my hair done and all set for a lot of sex I tell you! So you suckers can keep your fucking secrets and rot in KL!

See you guys Thursday and dont forget to do the boxes!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Last Minute Attempt

In two days time, the four of us will gather around the snooker table for one special ritual. The occasion seldom comes by. Its an occasion where we would console our last single and available buddy. He's so desperately trying to be straight no matter how many times we tried to sway him that he is not. So during this occasion, we will give him a break from all those crap and try to give him all the support he need.

How supportive we are? During the game, we'll try our best to let him win. You know how hard is it to let a loser to win a game? Damn hard I tell you. Furthermore the loser is in his off form! He might not be able to differentiate the colours of the balls he's hitting.

Why does this buddy need consoling in the first place? Well one of the reason is peer preasure. As I told you before, he's our last single and available buddy. So this ritual is done everytime he felt heartbroken. Usually he's heartbroken everytime things do not work out with girls. When did he get involve with girls? When one of us got married. He'll hook up with some girl, usually the best friend to our wives. So during the ritual, we would play the game with the honour to the girl. We would say the name of the girl out loud and hope the ball would hit the hole!

This time around, he felt for my wife's best friend. It has been about two weeks already and in two days time he'll be heartbroken again. How can I be so sure? Well, I have an invitation card as my supporting document for that statement. Usually people would give up at situations like this but my friend here still has the effort to organize a pot luck dinner tonight at his place. For sure that girl is invited. I salute him for that, well actually its more than saluting. I do hope that he succeed in his attempt this time. I'll be very happy for him if he succeed. Eventhough I'll miss the snooker games and chances to call him gay..

Good Luck You GAY!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Opportunity vs. Gamble

Besides trying to prove something, I would like to get to your attention on the two words above. Opportunity and gamble. What's the difference between those two nowadays? According to my lovely English expert wifey analogy, Opportunity is Good, Gambling is Bad and Taking Chances is in The Middle.

For me its all the same. Let say there's a new housing project being launch at a very strategic area. Most investors will see it as an opportunity but the problem is, the project is run by a blacklisted developer company. The developer is so bad so that it is like a gamble for the investor to invest in that project. By taking chances, is the developer gambling? Or is he taking chances on an opportunity?

There's a rule of thumb that goes, " If you dont know the outcome, then its considered as gambling". Then is the share market is a public casino? Is love a gambling game? We don't know what's the outcome when we approach someone, do we?. Well I have a friend who felt in love which we can't consider it as gambling. He knows that he won't get the girl that he's flirting with but he still go for it. Well if it's not gambling then is it an opportunity? He would love to think it that way though.

Recently I watched the programme Las Vegas which in one of the episode there's one guy that is paid to gamble at Las Vegas's casino. He was sponsored due to his experience in winning games on the online casinos. But in the real casino, he lost. There's more to gambling than just taking chances on the cards or the dices. So can I consider the online casinos as an opportunity?

I am gonna continue researching on this topic but in the mean time please give your comments and don't forget the small boxes above this article has it purposes. Do your part guys!

p/s: To the guy who I mentioned about taking opportunity in his love life, to me you are taking chances but to my wifey, you are gambling with your own heart. Anyway, take care dude!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I blog for a living now!

In case you havent notice the adverts above, yes Ive signed up for Google AdSense. The best part is my blog was approved after one try! Hoooyehhhh!!! Unlike my officemate Ephol, he failed twice already on getting the approval. Apparently you have to blog in English for your blog to be accepted.

So guys, don't feel shy to click on the ads above. I'll treat you guys for a round of teh tarik when I get the first payment. Surely I'll post an entry when I get the payment, so dont forget to claim the treat from me okay?

So do I see this AdSense will change my financial status? Maybe. Will I become a spammer by leaving traces of my blog at other peoples' blogs so that they visit my blog and hopefully they accidentally click on the ads? I dont think so, but theres possibilities. Will I become like someone who leaves message at peoples' shoutboxes and scream "link! link! link!"? I wont let myself be that low. Will I blog more often? Yes, I hope!!

There are a few blogs which I never miss visiting everyday because I think they write interesting articles everyday. And I really mean everyday! Without fail! I think it'll take a few years for me to become someone like that. Hopefully the AdSense will be the motivating factor. Not to forget wifey and the baby on the way will always be my drive to achieve more in life! Thank God I have them around with me today :)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Azril in the Matrix

In the movie Matrix, Mr. Anderson is a computer programmer which is considered as nerd in the real world. However in the Matrix he is the powerful One with the name Neo that can fight with hundred of thousands Agents and he can even fly. As for Azril, he is loser in the real world and even a sorer loser in the Matrix where he is refered as Rumet. He is so loser so that people dont bother to differentiate between Azril and Rumet that everybody call him Rumet in both worlds.

Today Rumet discovered that he is taken more seriously in the Matrix compared to the Rumet in the real world. He realises that people tend to give more attentions and feedbacks to him there. More comments on his fotopage and blog, he even get remarks on what he wrote in his blog/fotopage in the real world. People wont talk to Azril if there's no update on his blog or fotopage. There's one time where people even banked in money into Rumet's account after reading his pathetic entry in his blog. That did tarnish his ego as a man but come to think of it, how much of a man is left with him anymore? He's practically begging for money in the cyberspace that people somehow fall for it and give him some.

Back to the man thing, once he post an entry about his small dick. Everybody remembers it till today. Maybe for some people, the size of that thingy is the measure of manliness. Surprisingly they really take that entry seriously. If in the real world Rumet were to say something like that, people will laugh and take it as a joke. In this cyberworld, whatever Rumet writes it means business. He once told the cyberworld that he has no work to do at the office except surfing the net. Well today Rumet has a bit of work to do but still people thinks he is surfing like nobody business.

Now lets get to a higher level of blogging. Expression of feelings. In his blog and fotopage, Rumet is a person who adores his wifey. There's no single entry where he missed to mention about his wifey. How cute she is, how he loves spending time with her, how much he loves her and et cetera. In the real world, Rumet is still the same person who loves his wifey, who cares for the baby the wifey is carrying and still thinks that wifey is cute. Now do people take that statement seriously or not, Rumet is still wondering. Someone did say, "Some things are better left unsaid". Should Rumet stop expressing his feelings in the cyberworld where he is taken seriously? Should Rumet blog fictionally where every entry is a fake made up stories? He's so fucked up right now!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

You Are Not A Small Boy Anymore

My family had a Raya open house today at Kelana Jaya. Last year we didn't have it due to the busy-ness of the preparation of my wedding. So this year Mummy and Daddy decided to call up our relatives and close friends for brunch. Zarina invited her friends, Rizals' friends came and me... I didnt get to invite any of my friends. I didnt ask them whether I can invite or not, but usually it was offered to me. Last two years I even get the privillege to have my own open house where I invited all my friends and officemates.

Its not that I terase ke merajuk ke... pelik je la skit. After giving it a few thoughts, I figure out that Im old enough to hold my own open house. Im not living with my parents anymore, hence the topic. Whether should I have a open house this year, the answer is obviously NO! The place that Im staying now cant accomodate more than 10 people in one sitting. Well the truth is I cant even pay for proper meal nowadays. Sengkek gileeeee beb! Bagi alasan rumah tak muat orang nak masuk konon... hehehe.

Well sorry guys, no luck this year. No the usual satay, durian, nasi bukhara and etc. One day I'll make a point to invite all of you to my place for makan-makan. Hopefully before the wifey deliveres laaa... Anyway if you wanna come to the house for raya, please do give us a call. Wifey would be glad to cook for you. For the moment, the choices are mee hailam or spegetthi alfredo le blue. Other than that have to ask her lah whether resepi ada dalam kitab ke tak! :) Posted by Picasa

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