Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Right On The Spot

Told ya not to go snooker & karaoke during Ramadhan! But nooo, we have to go tonite. Perfect timing, meant to be bla bla bla. Tgk apa sudah jadi? Three of the sinful creatures; Rumet, Ceng and Tapai called in MC yesterday (day after the bachelor party). Its like the God wanna show us, for this sin u'll get the punishment right away. As for me, today pon tak masuk opis. SMS bos cakap demam lagi. Dah lah semalam escape meeting unit, escape outstation pegi Changkat Jering, hari ni MC lagi!

The worst part is, I could not continue to fast yesterday and today. The doctor said drink lots of water continuosly. Kalau tak hilang suara! I caught this very bad sore throat. I dun think its so much due to the karaoke since I dun have problem in singing high notes before. Setakat nak naik 5-6 octave lagi tinggi tu no hal laaa... BTW what is octave? I suspected the smoke in the snooker room that attacked me. Dah la kalah snooker... sakit tekak plak tu.. retire la camnie!

The weird part is Ayil.... apsal die tak MC? Apsal die tak sakit... a few reasons i think. First maybe its because he has Marisa to take care of, kalau die sakit kesian kat Esah. Second maybe he did a good deed to loan RM0.1K to Ceng that made him the good guy among us. Last and the most logical explaination is that maybe he has this protective layer called "Haji" that made him through.

Pengajarannya ialah... kalau nak buat jahat bulan pose... pegi haji dulu!!!! Posted by Picasa


m|ss v|xen said...

sape kate ayil tuh tak sakit?
sore throat laa.. selsema la.. and of coz laa moody.. potong stim jek!
dier tak amik mc jek cam korang hehehehe

robotix said...

Serve u guys right coz tak ajak aku main snuker. muahahah

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