Thursday, October 20, 2005

I can surf through my handphone u know!

Haha! And for free mind you!! I spent the whole evening yesterday to figure out how to get my Nokia 6600 connected to the web without using GPRS. Of course 3G is out of the question lah kan? So by the power of the doctor bestowed to me by giving a MC, I did a research on how to get it done (macam sial kan ayat?).

The configurations are quite complicated. U have to set up a few things at the PC and a few tweaks to the phone. Siap kene guna "netsh" command kat komputer. Edit script kat phone... configure incoming connection through bluetooth dongle... bla bla bla. I felt like the 4 years spent doing my degree in Computer Engineering has benefitted me (i missed Mr. Shabiul) this time. Im sure u laymen & laywomen can't figure out how to do it! Muahaha..

Ass kissing paragraph starts here..
The thing is I started on my journey to do the configurations since 3pm yesterday. Punya lah complicated.. lepas bukak pose pon blom boleh connect, until... Wifey came back home from her bukak puasa at Palace of Golden Horses at around 9pm plus. Why didnt I join her? I wasnt invited! U see, wifey is an important person in the company. She design network diagrams, propose network design, deliver network requirements and etc. Unlike me.. the company pays me for finishing up their resources. So the bukak puasa event is too much for them to waste on me. So while wifey was telling me how hungry she was since die tak lalu nak makan, I continue on configuring the phone. I Eventhough I wasnt concentrating much on what she says but Im quite sure I remebered her saying, " I makan oyster, roti ngan soup, kuih kuih, daging panggang potong-potong etc". Itu ke tak lalu makan? I had porridge with kerabu kerang je for dinner!! Out of the sudden, I can connect to the web using my lovely birthday present Nokia 6600! Hurrayyyy.. U see? The saying,"Behind a successful man lies a caring,loving,sweet and adourable wifey" is true. Berkat isteri tu penting. The bearer of our future generations. Without her, I cant have anybody to carry my family name - Azril (stupid Joey!).

Im an extra happy person last nite. Im always happy to have wifey to sleep with me every nite. But for me to be able to do something knowledgeable (i know some people can do it in a few minutes) means a lot to me nowadays. A routine life as a lecturer is much better than a routine life as a professional internet content reviewer. (Someone please write a book and quote that line and give credit to me :)) Posted by Picasa


m|ss v|xen said...

eh u crop my body into half.. i can see my tudung n baju.. bad of u rumet!

rumet said...

bukan crop aaa tu.. mmg original picture macam tu :))

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