Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Dirty Shame

Its time for the anual obligatory Fast Breaking Celebration for the Hoya-Hoyaians. A bit different from the past, we didnt queue at the infamous Chicken Hertz this year. Instead we filled up Esah's house @ Shang Villa Kelana Jaya for a POT Luck celebration.

Well, almost all turned up except the usual absentees like Dib and Syaz! Blagak laa korang! Nak bukak pose ngan family la apa la.. poorahhhhh!!! (Kutuk je derang.. bukan derang baca pon blog ni!hehe) Tapai pon decided not to come since there's a more happenning event being held the same day by the SDARians. Like the famous saying by men - "Air dah naik kepala", Tapai told me, "It has been a while since my ass got spanked". I told him, "Ala... zaki ade... tak silap aku Jasmy pon ade, paling busuk pon Gorgom bule tolong!". Tapai insisted on going to the SDAR event by saying,"Derang tak best aaa!". Suke ati ko la Tapai!!

Maka berbukalah kita beramai-ramai dengan Nasi Goreng Istemewa Esah, Murtabak Beraneka Zaki, Ayam Ayamas Lin & Farul, Daging Telur Bistik Yat yang tade telur, Agar2 Konyaku Waifi, Sate Pengantin Kajang Mizie dan sebagainya. As usual Gorgom failed to fulfil his KPI in bringing Vanilla Coke. He brought Pepsi Tarik instead. Punz brought the most lavish food that day - Nasi Beriyani Gam! Tapi yang slack nye... die bawak nasi jer la.. lauk tak bawak :))

While having the usual chit-chat (more of a kutuk-mengutuk session led by Cipok), Arib played his favourite movie this year - "A Dirty Shame". He even recommended this movie to Tn. Hj. Ayil. Punya laa best die kate! What the hell??!!! Anyhow... Farul did enjoy Salma Blair's body in that movie.

Ceng and Mizie took this opportunity to pass their wedding invitations. Both of them are getting married the weekend right after Raya. To Along and Ida, Goodluck to both of you! Muahaha

Since there's nothing much that we can do, the guys popped out the idea of snooker...DUHH!! Tade game lain ke nak main? I cant elaborate much on that event since I didnt join. Who else tak join? AJON tak boleh join!! Dali tak kasik!! Muahahahhaha... blom kawin dah kene ...

ALL and all, I think the celebration was just nice. It almost didnt come to reality due to lack response from the hoya-hoyaians initially. My initial idea was for us to celebrate at any hotel and grab the opportunity of the Ramadhan Buffet. It was rejected since somebody would want to bukak puasa as a mukmin. Damn you all buffet goers! Thanks to the host (Esah and Ayil), Farul as the Menu Coordinator cum Photographer and lastly to you all for attending. Posted by Picasa


robotix said...

movie favorite ayil la wei.. die saje tanak ngaku depan bini die.. siot je.

+cheeps+ said...

yes.. ade pun gambar aku..

m|ss v|xen said...

a drity shame? shhesshh arib! takleh trust taste movie ko dah and since ayil tak enjoy tgk.. aku lagi laa takleh nak enjoy hahhaha
eh btyw rumet, ko lupe nak citer in detail how marisa vomit on my baju.. that shud be the highlight kan :P

rumet said...

alaaa... aku lupe laa pasal tu.. dem! the highlight is ko tak perasan pon yang marisa muntah.. hehe

ragsy937 said...

siut fitnah. Ko puasa dak met?

+cheeps+ said...

Selamat Raya to both of u... make sure join kitorg for badminton after raya

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