Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Dirty Shame

Its time for the anual obligatory Fast Breaking Celebration for the Hoya-Hoyaians. A bit different from the past, we didnt queue at the infamous Chicken Hertz this year. Instead we filled up Esah's house @ Shang Villa Kelana Jaya for a POT Luck celebration.

Well, almost all turned up except the usual absentees like Dib and Syaz! Blagak laa korang! Nak bukak pose ngan family la apa la.. poorahhhhh!!! (Kutuk je derang.. bukan derang baca pon blog ni!hehe) Tapai pon decided not to come since there's a more happenning event being held the same day by the SDARians. Like the famous saying by men - "Air dah naik kepala", Tapai told me, "It has been a while since my ass got spanked". I told him, "Ala... zaki ade... tak silap aku Jasmy pon ade, paling busuk pon Gorgom bule tolong!". Tapai insisted on going to the SDAR event by saying,"Derang tak best aaa!". Suke ati ko la Tapai!!

Maka berbukalah kita beramai-ramai dengan Nasi Goreng Istemewa Esah, Murtabak Beraneka Zaki, Ayam Ayamas Lin & Farul, Daging Telur Bistik Yat yang tade telur, Agar2 Konyaku Waifi, Sate Pengantin Kajang Mizie dan sebagainya. As usual Gorgom failed to fulfil his KPI in bringing Vanilla Coke. He brought Pepsi Tarik instead. Punz brought the most lavish food that day - Nasi Beriyani Gam! Tapi yang slack nye... die bawak nasi jer la.. lauk tak bawak :))

While having the usual chit-chat (more of a kutuk-mengutuk session led by Cipok), Arib played his favourite movie this year - "A Dirty Shame". He even recommended this movie to Tn. Hj. Ayil. Punya laa best die kate! What the hell??!!! Anyhow... Farul did enjoy Salma Blair's body in that movie.

Ceng and Mizie took this opportunity to pass their wedding invitations. Both of them are getting married the weekend right after Raya. To Along and Ida, Goodluck to both of you! Muahaha

Since there's nothing much that we can do, the guys popped out the idea of snooker...DUHH!! Tade game lain ke nak main? I cant elaborate much on that event since I didnt join. Who else tak join? AJON tak boleh join!! Dali tak kasik!! Muahahahhaha... blom kawin dah kene ...

ALL and all, I think the celebration was just nice. It almost didnt come to reality due to lack response from the hoya-hoyaians initially. My initial idea was for us to celebrate at any hotel and grab the opportunity of the Ramadhan Buffet. It was rejected since somebody would want to bukak puasa as a mukmin. Damn you all buffet goers! Thanks to the host (Esah and Ayil), Farul as the Menu Coordinator cum Photographer and lastly to you all for attending. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I can surf through my handphone u know!

Haha! And for free mind you!! I spent the whole evening yesterday to figure out how to get my Nokia 6600 connected to the web without using GPRS. Of course 3G is out of the question lah kan? So by the power of the doctor bestowed to me by giving a MC, I did a research on how to get it done (macam sial kan ayat?).

The configurations are quite complicated. U have to set up a few things at the PC and a few tweaks to the phone. Siap kene guna "netsh" command kat komputer. Edit script kat phone... configure incoming connection through bluetooth dongle... bla bla bla. I felt like the 4 years spent doing my degree in Computer Engineering has benefitted me (i missed Mr. Shabiul) this time. Im sure u laymen & laywomen can't figure out how to do it! Muahaha..

Ass kissing paragraph starts here..
The thing is I started on my journey to do the configurations since 3pm yesterday. Punya lah complicated.. lepas bukak pose pon blom boleh connect, until... Wifey came back home from her bukak puasa at Palace of Golden Horses at around 9pm plus. Why didnt I join her? I wasnt invited! U see, wifey is an important person in the company. She design network diagrams, propose network design, deliver network requirements and etc. Unlike me.. the company pays me for finishing up their resources. So the bukak puasa event is too much for them to waste on me. So while wifey was telling me how hungry she was since die tak lalu nak makan, I continue on configuring the phone. I Eventhough I wasnt concentrating much on what she says but Im quite sure I remebered her saying, " I makan oyster, roti ngan soup, kuih kuih, daging panggang potong-potong etc". Itu ke tak lalu makan? I had porridge with kerabu kerang je for dinner!! Out of the sudden, I can connect to the web using my lovely birthday present Nokia 6600! Hurrayyyy.. U see? The saying,"Behind a successful man lies a caring,loving,sweet and adourable wifey" is true. Berkat isteri tu penting. The bearer of our future generations. Without her, I cant have anybody to carry my family name - Azril (stupid Joey!).

Im an extra happy person last nite. Im always happy to have wifey to sleep with me every nite. But for me to be able to do something knowledgeable (i know some people can do it in a few minutes) means a lot to me nowadays. A routine life as a lecturer is much better than a routine life as a professional internet content reviewer. (Someone please write a book and quote that line and give credit to me :)) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Right On The Spot

Told ya not to go snooker & karaoke during Ramadhan! But nooo, we have to go tonite. Perfect timing, meant to be bla bla bla. Tgk apa sudah jadi? Three of the sinful creatures; Rumet, Ceng and Tapai called in MC yesterday (day after the bachelor party). Its like the God wanna show us, for this sin u'll get the punishment right away. As for me, today pon tak masuk opis. SMS bos cakap demam lagi. Dah lah semalam escape meeting unit, escape outstation pegi Changkat Jering, hari ni MC lagi!

The worst part is, I could not continue to fast yesterday and today. The doctor said drink lots of water continuosly. Kalau tak hilang suara! I caught this very bad sore throat. I dun think its so much due to the karaoke since I dun have problem in singing high notes before. Setakat nak naik 5-6 octave lagi tinggi tu no hal laaa... BTW what is octave? I suspected the smoke in the snooker room that attacked me. Dah la kalah snooker... sakit tekak plak tu.. retire la camnie!

The weird part is Ayil.... apsal die tak MC? Apsal die tak sakit... a few reasons i think. First maybe its because he has Marisa to take care of, kalau die sakit kesian kat Esah. Second maybe he did a good deed to loan RM0.1K to Ceng that made him the good guy among us. Last and the most logical explaination is that maybe he has this protective layer called "Haji" that made him through.

Pengajarannya ialah... kalau nak buat jahat bulan pose... pegi haji dulu!!!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ceng's Bachelor Party

Ceng dah nak kawin???!!!! Yerps... lebih kurang lagi 2 minggu je lagi Tapai akan keseorangan. So seperti biasa, sebagai kawan-kawan sejati kami mengadakan "Bachelor's Party" untuk Ceng. Kisahnya bermula dimana QZ amik EL, Tapai MC, Esah buka puasa dengan geng-gengnya dan the best part is..... Along balik Tangkak!!!! HOOORRRAAAAYYYY. This is the perfect timing bak kata Ayil. It is meant to be bak kata Rumet.

Venue kali ini.... Amcorp Mall. Kenapa Amcorp Mall? Its the best hangout area for our kind of party. Ada snooker, McD and the most important attraction... KARAOKE!!!! So Ayil dan Ceng menumpang VIOS baru Rumet untuk ke Amcorp Mall disamping Tapai drive sendiri from rumah dia.

The deal is... Ceng belanja karaoke, sape kalah snooker belanja.. sape nak bukak pose bayar sendiri! Setibanya kami ke Amcorp Mall Ceng telah mengisytiharkan taktik kotor beliau, "Aku tertinggal wallet dalam keter aku la". Demm! Ayil sebagai Pemenang Anugerah Kristal telah loan RM0.1K kepada beliau untuk meneruskan party ini.

1st activity.... snooker! Kiterang berjaya menamatkan 2 game/frame dalam masa 40 minit! What an improvement huh?? Tapi sebenarnya Ayil sorang je yang masukkan bola. Lagi 3 org tu bagi cukup korum je! But then, being 3 honourable gentlemen kiterang kasik Ceng menang the 2nd frame/game since its his bachelor party. Since die happy sangat first time menang.. die belanja game snooker.

2nd... bukak pose di McD! Ramai berkata... ala bachelor party takkan makan kat McD kot?? Untuk makluman, makan is the least celebrated activity yang kiterang buat. So tak berbaloi pon makan mahal-mahal. Lepas makan... sembahyang maghrib yang diimami oleh Tuan Faisal Azmy.

3rd and last but not least.... KARAOKE!!! Huuuuyyeeeehhhh!!! Disinilah gelagat dan aksi lucu dapat disaksikan. Dengan Ceng yang pilih semua lagi PeterPan tapi satu lagi pon die taktau... Dengan Tapai yang tarik suara sampai nak terkeluar air mata... Ayil yang pilih lagi Maafkan Kami by P.Ramlee.... dan Rumet yang terpaksa jadi backup.. We had fun! Towards the end semua org dah suara macam Amy Search... haha! Event kiter diakhiri dengan last song yang dipilih oleh tapai... Sweat(Alalalalalong) yang ditujukan khas kepada Ceng dan Along. Siap Tapai nyanyi, "Ceng, I wanna make u sweat.. Sweat till u can't sweat no more!". Well, Tapai and Ceng have their history together which I couldnt spell out in this blog.

Anyway, Selamat Menjadi Pengantin Ceng! Hope u enjoyed the celebration. Kalu nak celebrate Part II, kiterang no hal punya! Haha Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 14, 2005

Collage by Picasa

Why am I so lazy? Malas nak update fotopage. Malas nak update blog. Malas! Malas! Malas!

Pictures above were captured during our company's family day held at Port Dickson.. Posted by Picasa


In Malay we call it Buah Cempedak. There's a rhyme about this jack fruit:

Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Saya budak baru belajar,
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 03, 2005

Money Money Money!

Everybody loves money. Everybody needs money. Especially when you live in Klang Valley. On my previous entry I stated that by the 1st day of the month, I'm only left with less than RM200. Apparently I was lying. I'm left with less than RM100 and I have 2 more loan installments to pay!!

Why is money so important? Come to think of it, is it really that precious? IT IS!! To me at least. It's not my fault. It's the society's fault. Since we were born, all the uncles, aunties and all the other relatives were showering us with money. Duit raya la, dapat 4A la, dapat 8A la, dapat No. 1 la bla bla bla.

Why am I writing about money and complaining due to lack of it? Am I not grateful? No... I am grateful. Alhamdulillah recently we in GITN received our bonus. Lucky me! I got a bit more compared to the other average employees. Eventhough it's not as much as the Kristal Award Receiver, but come to think of it with the amount of effort that I put in my work, the sum that I got was more than I should receive :) (do I sound like our mentor Saiful Nang?)

Am I saying that I don't have enough? Yes! I have negative cashflow this month, in Cashflow 202 they would declare me bankrupt. In ...... ah malas aaa aku nak blog dah.. tido lagi baik!!!

Btw the picture above was taken during my birthday celebration at F1 Puchong. More pictures here.

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