Thursday, September 29, 2005

One Year Ago

Last year, wifey (back then she's not my wife yet) gave me a Nokia 6600 handphone for my birthday. I received it with a SMS:

Dearest fiancè.. Enjoy the bday phone till u get the new toy alrite? Love u baby.

I felt like Im the luckiest person on earth that day. Eventhough there's a bit of a scratch at the screen, Im more than willing to accompany Nurul to get the phone replaced that time :). Since it was an upgrade from a Nokia 3315, it was a culture shock for me to get a phone that has functions like polyphornic ringtones, infra red, bluetooth, camera, can install softwares and all. So to sustain my exhilaration I went to Low Yat Plaza to buy a Bluetooth Dongle. This enables me to send files from my computer to the phone. With that purchase, I also bought a installer cd with all the smartphone software available at that time. One of the software that caught my eye was the SMS manager. The software is supposed to enable us to send SMS through the computer! Using the computer's keyboard! Yeeehhuuuu.... Im gonna make a fortune participating all these SpeedMaster, Jari Pantas ERA etc.

Due to my lack of intelligence, I cant connect my phone to my computer with the SMS Manager softwares. Bummer! I was so depressed thinking that maybe the software does not support my phone or the other way round. Maybe my phone needs to be reinstalled with an updated OS etc.

One year has passed and today I had the urge to re-attempt my long due mission! It took me the whole morning at the office and Thank God today its a success!!!


ayil said...

my life whutduhell??
wifey?? uwekkkkk
due to ur lack of intelligence whutduhell??
fiancee?? uwekkkk

ragsy937 said...

ahhaa.. sayur laa weyh.. ape ni.. tak intelligent lansung laa.. kata computer whizz..

ephol said...

woit rumet... aku dah menang 4 kali "Jari Pantas ERA"... tak payah pakai SMS Manager pun... pakai sebijik Nokia 3200 dan sepasang tangan dgn jari-jemari yg super-laju...... HAHAHAHAHAHAbelagaknyer akuuuu....

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