Friday, September 30, 2005

My Small Dick

I woke up late this morning! Maybe due to the tennis game last night, not that I played a good game pon. Everybody knows that I’m not good in sports. I play all sort of sports; badminton, ping pong, bowling, tennis and etc but it’s more of a Pak Lawak je lah. So I arrived at the office late and signed in at 10.05am!

Who cares right? I have nothing to do at the office anyway. I’m now blogging like nobody business. One of the Head of Department is standing next to me discussing matters with Ayil. No wonder he got Anugerah Kristal for last year. I’ve been like this for almost 2 months to be lying. It has been almost 2 years lah! I am not worthy.

Yesterday, there’s a briefing on Voluntarily Separation Scheme (VSS). The purpose is to get rid of floating staffs and non-functional staff in TM Group. It’s like a hint for me. Actually I felt like there’s a Bull’s Eye on my forehead. The thing is I’m tied up with a special bonding called the Scholarship. I’m now serving my 8 years contract with TM (GITN to be precise). So if I were to take the VSS, I need to pay back what I owe TM which is around RM 50K plus. Not a smart idea huh? In the briefing they sort of warn us who do not take up the VSS, there will be more workloads, have to work harder and etc. Now this is what I’m hoping for – more work! At least give me some work lah!

To make the long story longer, I really hate my life nowadays. I hate my job, I hate my house at Ara Damansara (that explains why wifey and I always go back to Kelana Jaya and Bandar Tun Hussein Onn for dinner and sometimes sleep there), I hate being broke (my salary is banked into my account on every 26th day of the month and by the 1st day of the next month I’m only left with less than RM200), I hate my small dick, I hate being fat, I hate being lousy in sports, I hate blogging (I rather work for money than blogging) and etc. My happiness comes from my wife and my child in the womb. I love being with my two cute babies. When I look at them, it makes me smile inside and outside. But if I were in a fight with wifey, my life is left empty again. I’m not sure how much longer can I live like this.

From now on I’m not going to buy food! What the hell?


m|ss v|xen said...

u havent answered my question in ayil's sms.. y u hate ur small dick?

in every way, we are almost the same... i hate most of everything.. esp being fat! but lucky me.. i dunt have a dick hauhauhauhauhau
lawak laa weiiii!!

ragsy937 said...

ahaha.. syian ko rumet.. kene duduk sebelah org yang dapat anugerah kristal.
Jom ar wei.. lama gile tak snuker.. sure ko tak down dah...muahass

CENG O' SAM said...

Welcome to the 'hate-everything-in-life' club mate!

CENG O' SAM said...

Except snooker, that is.

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