Friday, September 23, 2005

Different People Different Views


Last Tuesday, wifey and I went to Cheras Leisure Mall to grab some Baoz's kuih pau.. Bullshit!! We went there to meet an interested buyer of the Kelisa lah. The guy came with his three other housemates. "Gila lah.. inspection tak hingat!!", my heart whispered.

On the way to the car, one of his housemate disappears. I think he needed a loo. So the first thing the buyer look for is the handle to open the hood. So typical of men huh? Then his friend A check the engine and commented on the new production design bla bla bla. Friend A is really helpful to the buyer as he accompanied the buyer for the test drive and all.

Friend B on the other hand was interested on the wear and tear of the car. "Tayar baru ke?, Tayar Spare macam mane?, Paling jauh pernah sampai mane keter nie? Pernah breakdown tgh jalan tak selama dua tahun ni?", he asked.

Next, test drive time! I warned the buyer that the clutch is a bit stiff. He tried it and replied,"Ok lah ni". So I let wifey accompany the buyer and Friend A for the test drive while I have a chat with Friend B. Imagine if all of us cramp in the car for the test drive... it would be a stress test laaa. So to wrap up the test drive, the buyer wanted to reverse park. Suddenly enjin mati!!. My heart whispered again, "Told ya!!!".

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