Friday, September 23, 2005

9130 days old

Thats how old I am today. 2 days short from my 25th years old birthday. For the past 2 mornings I woke up with a sharp pain at the chest area. Oh God! Please dont take my life just yet. I have a baby coming next year InsyaAllah, I havent achieve anything great in my life and etc. In short,Im not ready to die.

The pain was so sharp that I cant stretch my body to either side of my body. I was thinking, maybe this is how it felt when people kene tindih. But the thing is I still can move. The story heard is when you kene tindih, you cant move at all.

Is there something wrong with my heart? Today I got it checked at the clinic. The doctor said, I am experiencing tuuutttuutttt (some scientific name) which in layman term means radang sangkar rusuk or the direct translation is rib cage inflammation. He said it might due to vigorous sports activities... my heart whispered,"HA HA!".


Farul said...

...and HAHA it is! Ajak main badminton esok pun takut! Jamban!

ragsy937 said...

myuhuhu.. tua sial koo.. tua sial aku.. tua sial kitaaa.. tapi perangai bebudak! nyahahha

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