Friday, September 30, 2005

My Small Dick

I woke up late this morning! Maybe due to the tennis game last night, not that I played a good game pon. Everybody knows that I’m not good in sports. I play all sort of sports; badminton, ping pong, bowling, tennis and etc but it’s more of a Pak Lawak je lah. So I arrived at the office late and signed in at 10.05am!

Who cares right? I have nothing to do at the office anyway. I’m now blogging like nobody business. One of the Head of Department is standing next to me discussing matters with Ayil. No wonder he got Anugerah Kristal for last year. I’ve been like this for almost 2 months to be lying. It has been almost 2 years lah! I am not worthy.

Yesterday, there’s a briefing on Voluntarily Separation Scheme (VSS). The purpose is to get rid of floating staffs and non-functional staff in TM Group. It’s like a hint for me. Actually I felt like there’s a Bull’s Eye on my forehead. The thing is I’m tied up with a special bonding called the Scholarship. I’m now serving my 8 years contract with TM (GITN to be precise). So if I were to take the VSS, I need to pay back what I owe TM which is around RM 50K plus. Not a smart idea huh? In the briefing they sort of warn us who do not take up the VSS, there will be more workloads, have to work harder and etc. Now this is what I’m hoping for – more work! At least give me some work lah!

To make the long story longer, I really hate my life nowadays. I hate my job, I hate my house at Ara Damansara (that explains why wifey and I always go back to Kelana Jaya and Bandar Tun Hussein Onn for dinner and sometimes sleep there), I hate being broke (my salary is banked into my account on every 26th day of the month and by the 1st day of the next month I’m only left with less than RM200), I hate my small dick, I hate being fat, I hate being lousy in sports, I hate blogging (I rather work for money than blogging) and etc. My happiness comes from my wife and my child in the womb. I love being with my two cute babies. When I look at them, it makes me smile inside and outside. But if I were in a fight with wifey, my life is left empty again. I’m not sure how much longer can I live like this.

From now on I’m not going to buy food! What the hell?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

One Year Ago

Last year, wifey (back then she's not my wife yet) gave me a Nokia 6600 handphone for my birthday. I received it with a SMS:

Dearest fiancè.. Enjoy the bday phone till u get the new toy alrite? Love u baby.

I felt like Im the luckiest person on earth that day. Eventhough there's a bit of a scratch at the screen, Im more than willing to accompany Nurul to get the phone replaced that time :). Since it was an upgrade from a Nokia 3315, it was a culture shock for me to get a phone that has functions like polyphornic ringtones, infra red, bluetooth, camera, can install softwares and all. So to sustain my exhilaration I went to Low Yat Plaza to buy a Bluetooth Dongle. This enables me to send files from my computer to the phone. With that purchase, I also bought a installer cd with all the smartphone software available at that time. One of the software that caught my eye was the SMS manager. The software is supposed to enable us to send SMS through the computer! Using the computer's keyboard! Yeeehhuuuu.... Im gonna make a fortune participating all these SpeedMaster, Jari Pantas ERA etc.

Due to my lack of intelligence, I cant connect my phone to my computer with the SMS Manager softwares. Bummer! I was so depressed thinking that maybe the software does not support my phone or the other way round. Maybe my phone needs to be reinstalled with an updated OS etc.

One year has passed and today I had the urge to re-attempt my long due mission! It took me the whole morning at the office and Thank God today its a success!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

9130 days old

Thats how old I am today. 2 days short from my 25th years old birthday. For the past 2 mornings I woke up with a sharp pain at the chest area. Oh God! Please dont take my life just yet. I have a baby coming next year InsyaAllah, I havent achieve anything great in my life and etc. In short,Im not ready to die.

The pain was so sharp that I cant stretch my body to either side of my body. I was thinking, maybe this is how it felt when people kene tindih. But the thing is I still can move. The story heard is when you kene tindih, you cant move at all.

Is there something wrong with my heart? Today I got it checked at the clinic. The doctor said, I am experiencing tuuutttuutttt (some scientific name) which in layman term means radang sangkar rusuk or the direct translation is rib cage inflammation. He said it might due to vigorous sports activities... my heart whispered,"HA HA!".

Different People Different Views


Last Tuesday, wifey and I went to Cheras Leisure Mall to grab some Baoz's kuih pau.. Bullshit!! We went there to meet an interested buyer of the Kelisa lah. The guy came with his three other housemates. "Gila lah.. inspection tak hingat!!", my heart whispered.

On the way to the car, one of his housemate disappears. I think he needed a loo. So the first thing the buyer look for is the handle to open the hood. So typical of men huh? Then his friend A check the engine and commented on the new production design bla bla bla. Friend A is really helpful to the buyer as he accompanied the buyer for the test drive and all.

Friend B on the other hand was interested on the wear and tear of the car. "Tayar baru ke?, Tayar Spare macam mane?, Paling jauh pernah sampai mane keter nie? Pernah breakdown tgh jalan tak selama dua tahun ni?", he asked.

Next, test drive time! I warned the buyer that the clutch is a bit stiff. He tried it and replied,"Ok lah ni". So I let wifey accompany the buyer and Friend A for the test drive while I have a chat with Friend B. Imagine if all of us cramp in the car for the test drive... it would be a stress test laaa. So to wrap up the test drive, the buyer wanted to reverse park. Suddenly enjin mati!!. My heart whispered again, "Told ya!!!".

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Fellow Bloggers

As most of my friends know, I don't have any workload at the office. My 8.30 to 5.30 routine is all dedicated to the World Wide Web. I am sort of glued to the web at least 8 hours a day. Due to that I have the leverage to discover my friends' blogs, fotopages, house advert and etc. I wonder why do they blog. Don't they have work to do? Or is it they are facing the same routine as I am now?

One day I will link up all my friends' blogs through my blog or fotopage just to see lah.. (malas btul aku nak menulis!!!)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Big Deal ke Small Deal?
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Copyright Rumet 2005

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mangkuk punya Survivor!
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The smile

Cute kan wifey ni?
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Ganas kan?

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My 1st Blog @ Blogger

I dunno what I am doing!!!

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